The success of video marketing or why we read less

On the other hand, the success of satisfying videos is due to the advantages that video represents a format in the society in which it is immersed and mainly motivated by the lack of time. We seek to consume fast and much, and the video allows us to meet this need. One-third of the online activity consists of watching videos. So much is the relationship of the video with our life model that its growth is exponential. In 2018, 6.75 hours of video were consumed on average per week, up to one hour more than in 2017 and two hours more than in 2016. Therefore, since 2015, 81% of brands use this format to connect with their target, and they are not mistaken, 90% of users consider that product videos favour their purchase, and 72% prefer it as a mode of approaching a product above an explanatory text. Also, according to Forbes magazine, up to 95% of users are more likely to remember a CTA if this is a video. This way, you can significantly improve your ROI. This method has been adopted by various seo agency  thailand.

How to use the sensations caused by satisfying videos in favour of your brand?

Any content is not worth it, and if you want your target to get involved, you need to exceed the first 30 seconds, at which point most of the videos are abandoned.

  • Include the philosophy of your brand: To spin an original content with your brand, you must be skilled. Do not fall into the error of offering extreme content if your company provides spa treatments or offers videos in which people of a different age than your target interact.
  • Any item can be corporate: All those components that are used to offer this satisfactory feeling must be linked to your brand: from the corporate colours to the logo or the elements you use, which may be products of your brand. You will get them to relate these pleasant sensations to the interaction with your brand or the purchase of your products.

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