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Enhance the safety and hygiene of tough industrial promise

In today’s competitive marketplace businesses look for the way to reduce operational cost and enhance the productivity. A clean and safe working environment is imperative for safety and health of the employees and visitors. Industrial premises are most likely to get unclean and messed up with debris and other redundant substances hence businesses rely on high quality industrial vacuum cleaner (เครื่อง ดูด ฝุ่น โรงงาน which is the term in Thai) for more effective cleaning. General purpose small vacuum cleaner might be cost effective solution for many industries but if you are dealing with abrasive products, radioactive products, fluids, explosive products, food products, etc. then investing in industrial vacuum cleaner will help your business to save huge money in long run.

Things to consider

Nowadays most of the vacuum cleaner brands offer wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners such as Commercial vacuum cleaners, Wet & dry vacuum cleaners, Compact single-phase vacuum cleaners, Heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, High power three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, Industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings, etc. Every industry has their specific cleaning needs so before taking any purchase decision consider few factors beforehand and get the best out of your investment

  • The primary application
  • The functional time such as continuous or intermediate
  • Check the capacity, hoses or accessories for better performance
  • Ensure the suitable filtration system for the cleaner such as HEPA filters or ULPA) filters
  • Look for advance features such as explosion-proof or anti-static construction

Read specification carefully

The performance of any machine largely depends on its technical specification. Apparently an industrial vacuum cleaner will significantly reduce time, energy and labor cost and unscheduled downtime. Cleaning large industrial area with perfection is no cakewalk. It is always advisable to check the specifications such as Power supply voltage, Power input, Filter area, Suction, tank capacity, size, weight, etc. so that you can narrow your option and get the best suited vacuum cleaner. Now you can shop industrial vacuum cleaner online from reputable brand and can enjoy discounts and special offers.

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